Asian-American Couples

Asian-American Couples Bible Study in Springfield, Virginia is hosted by Walt and Rosie Okon. The Asian-American Couples Bible Study is a seminar study based on the "Family Life" Home Builders, Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg Couples Series, and the Love & Respect series.
Asian-American Couples Bible Study
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Our Friday night free Asian-American Couples Bible Study is for Asian-American Couples; married, engaged, or seriously dating.  It is a bible study which meet on a regularly basis every other Friday night from 7:30 PM to 9 PM at McLean Bible Church.  This Couples Bible Study a is non denominational Asian-American Couples marriage study program.  The course and program is free.  Course books may be provide depanding on the series.  Workbooks can be bought at the McLean bookstore with a discount if you are a member of the bible study.
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