Jolo Tausug Reunion 2002
06 September 2002

A formal Diner followed by Dancing until Midnight was the event of the year for Jolo as more than 2002 People From Jolo came to Marriott at the Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey, USA

07 September 2002

What a Day 7 September 2002 was.  The People From Jolo started their tour of New York and New Jersey at 08:00 AM.  Our group hosted by Mr. Errol Navata Mercerville, New Jersey started us off with a tour to Ellis Island and then Liberty Island.  The boat tour provided a great view of both New York City and the Islands.

Our Jolo Tausug picnic was at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey.  Wow!!!  What a day wonderful day and picnic.  Your would not believe the food.  It was all the traditional food from Home.  Yes, food from Jolo.  We all felt like we were at our beloved home town.  Liberty park is also the home of the historic Central Railroad of New Jersey  Terminal (CRRNJ) which  sits prominently at the north end of the park.  A two-mile promenade, Liberty Walk links the picnic area, Interpretive Center and the CRRNJ Terminal while presenting visitors with a sweeping view of the Hudson River.  We were in a grove of beautiful trees right on the river bank.  The park, the view, and the friendship are just more than can be described with words.  You will see for yourself in the picture section.

Mr. Errol Navata
4 Buckeye Drive
Mercerville, New Jersey 08519

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