Jolo, Philippines

Jolo Tausug Picnic 16 August 2003

Your are all invited to this fun and perhaps the most exitement and joyful event in the life of tausog people who have not seen each other for sometimes and seldom tasted the tausog food delicacy; tiyulah sug; kaunun kiyuning; siyanglag; piyuto; biyamban; wadjit; apam etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, uuummmmmm yam yam.
The address for this potluck is
2911 Acresite st.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90039
For more information, you can call Virgie or Bong Valbuena at (323) 660-4921
Come one come all.  Thanks,  albert
Picnic Food:

Tiuktuk Mampallam from Mexico
Gamay/agal agal with bubuk ordered direct from Jolo
Tiapa isdah
Tiulah Itum made by Jimmie Lim
Kurmah by Ericson Lim
Elena Ong   KIUNING
Mrs. Rowen (nong nong) Ho,               Puti Mandih and Wadjit
Elizabeth Ang     Kinilao - da best na ini pag aun pang tud
Lily Ang      Giataan sayul nangkah -  aruy dayang
Josiah Ang    Kiambeh  (lugao) Pang pa hulas hulas
Emy Ang      Satti ,,,, pag kakinaman niyu ini, manjari da isab mag order,
Bang Bang Lutao Lutao
Bao Lu
No ALCOHOL Allowed 

I am sure you will enjoy the fun of singing old Tausug songs, and of course the native food that we don't want to forget.  Thanks to the Vabuenas, Bong and Virginia to host this affair, they have a beautiful house and the most well organize garden in their compound with so many different kinds of fruits and flowers, and it is so spacious that we can set up to 30 tents or more, for those who wanted to stay with us overnight you may do so.   Just to let you know, we have very special guest coming from the Philippines like Governor Parouk Hussin,M.D. , Reynaldo CHEE Chang, Nelson Chiong, and Ombre Hamsirani.   If you want to meet Tausug and enjoy native food, please come and you may contact Bong or Virginia at (323) 660-4921.
Albert Ang
Anybody else who are planning to come,please contact us or you  can
call Bong and Virgie at (323) 660-4921 so we will know what food you will
bring in,para naman duga-ing in dahun niyu
Mga kababayan Tausug,
We have special guests coming to the Jolo-Tausug picnic being hosted in Los Angeles from the east coast like Mr. Errol Navata and Bing Velasco, and of course we also have some special people coming all the way from Phils.

In addition, I have a special guest too, and he is Dr. Tommy Garcia Jr.  The Tausug are
proud to have some pure Tausug medical specialist working around our community.
Join us and we will have fun meeting old friends and getting to know new ones.

Albert Ang
Picnic Organizer
 This very special occasion is for people from Jolo and Generally speaking "TAUSOG" from all over Sulu Island who speaks tausog language and badjao language.

hamid julain wrote:
Albert, what time the potluck starts is it Filipino time or the American way.I am so excited. Hamid wrote:
Hello everyone,
We have another friend coming from the Philippines, Mr. Steve Lao.  We would like to let everyone know that we have somebody to dance for us
(MANGALAY), this will entertain everyone who knows the dance.  A reminder again for those preparing food, please no PORK! Cook anything you know it is OK for TAUSUG.  And please bring your own drinks you like, soda, juice or any diet drinks, just no ALCOHOL.
Albert ang

From: <>
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 7:17 PM
Subject: [Tausug] Re:Aug. 16 potluck in Los Angeles

Mga Kabagayan ha Hula Sug, Siasi, Sitangkai iban Bonagao, We have another guest coming from Cagayan de Oro to be with us this Aug
16th, Mr. and Mrs Henry Tan, a lot of us never saw this couple for many years, Henry Tan is the Son of Mary Tan (Modern Trading), and Thelma is the daughter of  Dr. Sangkula.   Another couple is coming from North Carolina, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sangkula R.N., and he is the cousin of Thelma Sangkula.   It will be a fun day and Great gathering for those who can attend!!
Albert Ang

Letter from Gerard Rixhon:
11 August 2003
Hi! This is to warmly greet you all and wish you a wonderful and heart warming get-together in LA.  Old friends at Ateneo (where I still teach part-tine) "with a Jolo past" such as Willy Arce and Ricky Abad, along with Wahoo Taylor (whom I see quite often at the office of my wife) ask me to
send you their warmest wishes  There are many of us who cannot make it (if not for my back I would have made it two years ago) but we'll be there in spirit.

There will be a lot of enjoyment like meeting old friends , reminscing about the Jolo and Sulu we cherish, sharing sad news, reawakening the palate with Tausug dishes (mananam!), bichara-bichara, etc., etc.  But what will count most is the spirit.

You have kept that spirit in a marvelous and unselfish way throughout the years. However, I cannot help but single out the great work of Madge Kho and Vange Kennedy in getting books and scholarships respectively to Jolo and NDJC, in particular, on its 50th anniversary (this coming September 8).  I
know of their unselfishness as I have been closely associated with Madge's project and, through her, with Vange Kennedy. My contribution  -in advising Madge in selecting books and general kibitzing- pales against hers and those of you who have contributed funds toward shipping them to Jolo. I take this
opportunity then to thank Madge, Vange and all who have assisted them. Keep it up. .

Irene: a warm hello. I am so glad you can make it to the LA Tausug big bash!
  Enjoy and take care!


Bapa' Gerry
Gerard (Gerry) Rixhon

A message from Albert Ang at
Hello Hamid,
Thanks for coming, we'll start to gather around noon and may stay late at night, or bring your tent, if some people decide to do that, the Valbuenas have a huge and beutiful backyard,covered with fruits,vegetables and flowers, you'll like it.

Jolo Sulu
Jolo Town
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Rosie Loves Jolo  Welcome to Jolo

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