Jolo, Philippines

The Province of Sulu

The Sulu Vinta
The traditional symbol of the province, The Vinta, is a fitting conceptual representation of the strategic options available to the provience. The Vinta signifies the province's vehicle to development.  It must be steered very carefully as it sails in pristine but turbulent waters of the uncertainties.  It is headed towards a land of promise where the seafarers can establish a peaceful and contented life in close communications with their forefathers.  The promised Land's rich soil, vast seas and thick forests represent their rightful inheritance.  They are destined to be the masters and stewards of the promised land.

        The seafarers charting the course of the Vinta realize the need to be united in their efforts to reach the promised land.  In unison, they have set their hearts and minds towards home.  A spirit of cooperation and understand fill each and everyone sailing the Vinta.  Each person in the boat understands and willingly performs the tasks assigned to him.  The Captain of the boatmans the Political sail.  The Political Sail, portraying the local government, determines the direction.  It does the critical task of attracting and capturing the economic wind.  The economicwind represents the investment opportunies and the investors that must be wooed towards the province.    To attract the economic wind, the political sail, is made of interwoven fabric of political unity and maturity.  Without the political sail, the economic wind could blow elsewhere.

        On both sides, the Vinta is also equiped with outriggers.  The outriggers represent the physical infrastructure and facilities strategically attached to the Vinta.  They make the voyage easier, safer and more stable.  The outriggers are manned by a well-trained service and development crew.  The service crew represents people and institutions tasked with the efficient delivery of basic social services.  The Development crew, on the other hand, are the economic and environmental managers, entrepreneurs and business firms.  Another group are the peace and order crew who sees to it that no untoward incidents occur even as the various passengers clash in a healthy show of intellectual discourse and despite differences in religious and ideological beliefs.  The continously remind each passenger and crew that if they work together, the harvest will surely be more than enough for each one of them.

Excerpt from the minutes of the regular session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Ng Sulu held on Monday, August 9, 1993.

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