Education in Jolo, Philippines

Jolo Sulu Chinese School

This is a private Christian Chinese school grades from Kindergarten to eighth grade. The principal is Melinda Tua who is respected in Jolo as one of the leading ladies of the city. The school provide a strong foundation in basic education subjects and the subjects are taught both in English and Chinese to the 250 students. The students and the teachers all speak excellent English. There is a underlying foundation of Christian principles taught.

Educational tools: Education tools are basic. Books, black boards, and paper are the primary tools. Teachers are dedicated to the children and are determined to provide the best possible education. The students have a very strong desire to learn and seem to have a very good skills of the basic subjects of Reading, Writing, and math. The school does have two working 386 IBM desk top computers with basic Windows 3.1. There is no computer lab for the students and the two computers are not enough fo the students to really share as an educational tool. There is no Internet connection, so the students are isolated from the outside world except for the books in the school. The school has the class room and the teachers that can and would teach the students computer use and educational application of computers were provided. As an American outsider who visited this school 12 March 1998, I was very impressed. I am asking anyone who reads this page to consider helping this school. Please donating your new or used education books to this Christian school.

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