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Rosie Go

I was born in Jolo. I am the youngest daughter of GoTech Leng. My Dad owns the Hardware store and lumber store in Jolo and we live above the Hardware store. I have six brothers and three sisters and we all live together above the store. There is no water upstairs on the second floor in the 50s so we had to carry the water upstair every day. Of course, it is very hot and there is no such thing as air conditioning then. I don't remember much besides the store. We had our chores to do and we all worked and did what we were told. We lived, played, and stayed at the store and above the store. I never went out to see the rest of the island. We loved to go to Maubu Beach. But, we did not travel around the island. I went to the Sulu Tong Jin Chinese school until I graduated High School at 16 years old.

All my brothers and sister went to the Chinese school. In the 50s and 60s, the Sulu Tong Jin Chinese school was big. It had two stories and the grades went all the way through High School. Many of the teachers were from China, Taiwan, or other countries. Now the teachers are from Jolo. In 1974, the town of Jolo was burned to the ground. It was a terrible time and we lost every thing. Our Sulu Tong Jin Chinese school was burned to the ground. When the danger was over, the Sulu Tong Jin Chinese school was rebuilt. However, it was only built one story high. So it was not possible to have the grades through to High School. Now the grades only go to the six grade. Now, my older sister Melinda Go Tua became the Principal of that same school.

I remember when my sister Melinda got a piano for the house. They made me play the piano and I did not want to practice. I would hide when it was time to practice. I couldn't hide very well and so I did learn to play the piano. Of course, now I enjoy playing it.

After High School, I went to Cebu and took college course to get ready to entry college. The next year I entered Silliman University. Silliman is a Christian university whose educational program is anchored on three basic components -- instruction, research and extension. It is mostly an American University and most the the teachers are from the States. Classroom learning is enhanced by the research studies conducted by the faculty and staff, which are subsequently translated into service to others through its extension and community development programs. It was at Silliman that I decided to enter Nursing.

My campus life was quiet and full of hard work. I am not a natural student so I had to study hard. Life at Silliman University helped me to develop as a whole person within the context of a Christian and a sound environment. I like the other students were expected to put their education to work in service of others. As soon as I graduated as a nurse, I went bach to working as a nurse right away at the Silliman University Medical Center.

Side Note: I research about home I found http://www.eccnet.com/fourwinds/graphics/pic6.jpg This is the Light House at Jolo We know that the photographs were taken by a sailor aboard the Battleship Kentucky during the March 23, 1901 to March 1, 1902 cruise. The cruise departed from the US and proceeded east past the Azore, Islands through the Strait of Gibraltar, down the Suez Canal, past India, past China, and toured the Philippines and up to Japan. The Battleship Kentucky was commissioned in 1900 and retired in 1920. The Gun Boat Monacacy was built in 1866 and retired in 1903. 

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I Love My Jolo - By Rosie Go

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I Love My Jolo - By Rosie Go
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