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A Story Shared by my Grandmother ; World War II and Japanese Occupation in the Philippines Experience, Year 1941 – 1945, By: Denissa Bianca Go De Leos; 20 March 2008
Muhammad Tulawie Central Elementary School Sulu Students Join Global Info Village reprint from the Sun Star, Davao, Philippines, 24 April 2005
Sulu and China, GEMS OF HISTORY,  January 2004; By BO GON JUAN,
First Tausug admitted to Harvard   12 August 2004
By Noralyn Mustafa
MORE VIOLENCE IN JOLO 17 January 2002 , By Noralyn Mustafa and Julie S. Alipala

Romeo Lee killed in Jolo, Sulu  19 September 2000

An Ancient Conflict that Won't Go Away May 26, 2000; By Madge Kho*
The Choice in Mindanao: Endless War or Genuine Independence?  25 May 2000
By Walden Bello  (This article comes out under the author's commentary Perspective in today's issue of Business World.)
Basilan ambush:13 soldiers slain,  Sunday, 08 May 2000

Hostages beheaded in Philippines - Saturday, 6 May, 2000;  By  BBC's John McLean in Manila

Filipino Muslim revolt linked to ancient conflict - Saturday,6 May 2000By: Charles A. Radin, Globe Staff

Two Filipino Teen Age Girls killed by Abu Sayyaf Muslims   Muslims kill Christiam girls - Chat Information - Saturday, 06 May 2000   By unconfirmed Internet report
Continued fighting swells Mindanao evacuation camps By Julie Alipala-Inot, PDI Mindanao Bureau, and Christine Avendaño

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