Jolo-Tausug 2001

Alvin Chang and Minton Lay
#3 Bertie Luchan in forefront and Brenda Lu in red

from left, can't recall name but he is from Siasi, Romy Kin Hun Chan (Lok
To Koo Restaurant), Madge Kho, Betty Ang, Albert Ang.  Standing behind:
Aril Boy Daniel (cousin of Albert Ang) and I don't know the person on the

from left,  I don't know the woman, Lita Aure, Madge Kho, Fame Sangkula
and husband

Bertie Luchan, Alvin Chang, Betty Ang, Gertie Chiong and Albert Ang.

Gertie Chiong, Alvin Chang, Madge Kho, Ibrahim Soy Uckung

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